Blessings to All,

Leaders in global change have stated that the only thing that will save us from being a
prison planet are unity events across our world. After reading Lynne McTaggart’s latest
book, THE POWER OF 8, I’ve decided a Winter Solstice Event is a must. And not only
that, we are turning it into a global unity event, inviting people from around the world to
participate with us. We will use the same geometry that we used at the Global Eclipse
Meditation last August in Colorado. The results of that effort showed up dramatically in
the Princeton Quantum Eggs graphs (Global Consciousness Project).

What McTaggart’s research shows is that one of the most powerful effects of events like
this is what she calls the “rebound effect,” which causes those sending out intent to the
world to be effected by that intent themselves to an even greater degree. So we will
take advantage of this effect in the ritual that will be used with this Winter Solstice
Event, which I have named “From Outer Darkness to Inner Light.” Anyone may attend.
There is little doubt that we are in the middle of the Great Chaos. And we have the
ability to send forth into that chaos the Seed of Harmony. Mathematically, when you
send a seed pattern into a chaotic pattern, the chaos will start to create fractal-like
replicas of that pattern. Using the principles laid out in the Power of 8, we will do just
that. And in no small way. Any of you present for the ritual will bring great blessings
upon yourselves. If abundance is what you need, then send harmonious intent of
abundance to all. If it’s healing, then send out intent of harmony that heals. If it’s inner
peace you need for yourself or your family, then send out harmonious intent that brings
peace to all.

The Boulder Event was a great celebration, with many folks reporting that it was the
most moving experience of their lives. We should expect no less from this event with the
added tools we’ll be using, including the Xynchro™. We look forward to seeing all of you
there. But please RSVP Regina ( who is sponsoring this
event with the Alchemist’s Tool Chest on Thursday December 21, 2017, at the Wheat
Ridge Rec Center from 7-8:30 the night of the Winter Solstice. Finger-food party

from my heart to yours,


  An Invitation to the Sevens from GW
How long has it been since the Sevens banded together to call out to the world to join
us in global change? 2008? At this time of Dark Chaos, it is possible for us to attempt
once again to co-create Grand Gateways of global intent across the planet, in our cities,
our communities, or our living rooms. This Winter Solstice, Denver (GW) and San
Antonio (Joe) invite other cities to join us as we start the process of co-creating a global
consciousness network of intent. Let us be pro-active in returning Harmony to our lives
and our planet.

This event will be on Thursday December 21, 2017, from 6:30-7pm Pacific Time
(9:30-10pm Eastern Time). In Denver and San Antonio, we will add a half hour before
that time to perform ritual to ready us for the half hour of meditation. You may choose to
do the same. If you want a copy of that ritual script, simply include your request when
you send your email (see below).

Register your city/town to join this Sevens global unity event. Simply send a short email
to noting the city, how many you expect to join you, and the
contact person’s email address (address won’t be posted to prohibit spam). In return, I
will send you for free the sacred solfeggio symbols that you may set up within the
Grand Gateway of the Divine Masculine. On these solfeggio symbols (printed on paper),
you may place the same stones used in the Angelic Gate of Grace at each colored
position. Music may also be used during the meditation to return harmony to ourselves
and our planet. I will also send you instructions on how to build the Grand Gateway:

The energy from this is quite different from the Angelic Gateway, but is still off the
charts. We’ve tested this out several times already. What’s nice is that you are free to
invite friends and guests who are not Sevens. They may occupy the parts of the
Grand Gateway that do not require colors, while those who know their soul-ray color
may position themselves over the corresponding colored stones. If they know their
color, then they may occupy those color spots as well. To buy stones for your local
formation, you may go to .

I have posted a website page where all of you can watch groups and communities sign
up as we band together to construct Grand Gateways across the world, whether that’s
in a meadow, a meeting place, or your living rooms (
). I will also send to you the blueprint as to how you can create the Grand
Gateway of the Divine Masculine with participants when you register your city. The
reason we are using the Divine Masculine this solstice is because we will be balancing
the existing negativity of the patriarchal archetype to bring our world back into balance
with the Divine Feminine.

The real nice part about all this, as proven research described in Lynne McTaggart’s
new book The Power of Eight, is that there is no minimum number. You may participate
if you have only 1 person or a 111 people. If you can get your number of participants up
to the 7 colors to form the Grand Gateway, then your formation becomes just as
effective as if you had 700 people according to McTaggart. This is a breakthrough book
on the topic of unity consciousness. In June when the Sevens gather for the Children of
Light Conference, certain numbers and certain preparations are needed for the angels
to accomplish what they need in helping us. But on this global event, we turn things
around. We are co-creating while helping them.

The angels have beseeched us to use our personal power as masters to transform the
Dark Chaos into Inner Light as we begin to manifest a reality of Harmony for our world.
Join with others around the globe as we manifest unity consciousness into a brilliant
light. If you’d like to post the flyer for this event, you may download it from this site:
. Please spread the word.

A thousand blessings,
from my heart to yours,