Using Angelic Geometry to Become a Miraculous Human
              (or How the Latest Science Proves
                  We Are the Authors of Reality)
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During this 2 hour webinar you will be given the keys to how to become a miraculous human using the tools the angelic realm has provided us with some two decades of teachings. Here are some of the topics:

1. The Fingerprint of God How modern physics has deduced
            angelic geometry. And WHY?
2. The latest discoveries by GW Hardin that help us
            to alter reality.
3. Suffering as choice choose differently.
4. We are miraculous get used to it!
5. The latest physics We are the authors of reality.
If the webinar sells out, or you who cannot make this date/time and would still like to have the ability to see the material, email GW Hardin with your request by going to the Contact Page at www.GWHardin.com. An attempt will be made to make this information available to all.   You will be able to access the webinar with a computer, an iPad, or a cell phone (w/ a browser). That simple.

Have some form of high-speed Internet. If you are using cellula, then make sure you have better than a low-grade connection.

The triggered email will allow you to test your access abilities. Any problems and you will be assisted in solving them, or you will be given a refund.