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Few know that we are in the midst of a secret, massive war. The good news is that we are most likely the cause of it. Let me explain … From the time of Solomon we have heard it said, “There is a time to tear down and a time to build up.” We have done well in helping to tear down the walls of the prison planet with the Harmonic Grid. Now it is time to build up.


The Lost Seeds of the Solfeggio & How They Are Used in Modern Music

w/ Barry Goldstein

• Attuning the Keyboard to 444hz

• How the Seeds of the Solfeggio show up in 

        equal-interval tuning

• Utilizing the Healing DNA Frequencies

• Reconnecting to the sacredness within music

        (based on the track “Eden’s Gate”

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 DNA &


        Omnipotence in Harmony


There is a lot of dis-info on the subject of the solfeggio. The angels first spoke of the real story on Jan 20, 2002 with Joseph Crane, who I wrote about. From then on confusion has reigned because of the import of this information. What others call the "Ancient Solfeggio" simply is not accurate. The Ancient Solfeggio began with King David, according to the angels. The current Solfeggio came later. 

What the Angels Say About the Ancient 


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