Are we living in a Matrix ? A fascinating discussion at the 2006 Isaac Isamov Memorial Debate, Gates shows evidence that the universe may be a computer simulation.

The Black Whole Truth

Nassim Harramein and his Black Hole White Whole Theory work extremely well with both Marko Rodin's work and my work here. The Solfeggio System has an acoustic black hole/white whole counterpart. This guy is the new Einstein in my book.

Solfeggio Arpeggio is Ambient Electro Trance; that has been done in the Ancient Solfeggio Scale. The Arpeggios are tuned to the Solfeggio scale; this requires individual tuning for each note.

Dr. Nelson takes a revolutionary look at the water molecule in ways that are similar to what solfeggio-based Harmonetic® Water works.

Consciousness not only exists outside of the body, it is replicated in fractal patterns throughout the universe. What this implies is that all consciousness is connected with these fractal patterns. In other videos, Hameroff also speaks of what he calls Quantum Consciousness.

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