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It is Light (defined as “higher-dimensional light” by Mark Comings) and Consciousness (microtubules) that inherently drive the worlds of what we call reality through the miracle of DNA.

Centromere Gateway Tones

(Addendum A )

Giving gates, receiving gates, giving tones, receiving tones and which of the bodies they help bring back into balance.

If the intent is to release issues from the past or release past karma, then giving (up) frequencies are used. If one’s intent is to bring blessings in from the future or to move into a place of preparing for a better future, then receiving (allowing) frequencies are used.

Physics has treated the notion of gravitons as an orphan child because there has yet to be any empirical evidence of gravitons…. And what appears to be evidence of gravitons in action are black holes.

The Cube of Metatron frequencies are another system within the Solfeggio System. They were derived first from the Divine Solfeggio Scale as given to Joseph Crane. From there, I developed the entire Cube of Metatron tonal system.

The seed coding of the individual is carried within the mitochondrial DNA and that is the DNA which holds the coding for travel across time and space.”

Articles: Misc. DNA

Dr. Garjajev claims that this communication is not something that happens only inside the individual cells or between one cell and another. He claims organisms use this "light" to "talk" to other organisms and suggested that this could explain telepathy and ESP.

In the last years, Kryon has identified all the layers of the interdimensional 12-layer DNA matrix. Kryon Book Twelve carries the entire discussion.

The Crop Circle Connection” by Joseph E. Mason … In 1997 an article appeared in a crop circle journal, written by two German researchers. By measuring and analyzing the various distances of the crop circle formations, they discovered that ancient numbers were revealed.

Articles: Technical

There are three levels to the solfeggio tones: the Archetypal (earthly), the Divine (heavenly), and the Universal (cosmic). Within each level there are two components, the Masculine and the Feminine.

A newer version of this earlier use of symbols for solfeggio patterns can be seen in the God Geometry videos. Nonetheless, these older symbols will still work. You may download this pdf file.

There are two different ways the Angelics look at humans that relate to tones. Thus, solfeggio sounds may be used in different ways in these two different systems.


Humans are living gateways. For millennia, indigenous peoples have known of these gateways in nature, used in secret ceremonies that gave them access to the otherworlds. But even the indigenous did not know about the latest discoveries of the gateways within humanity.

A brief explanation of how Pythagoras used a numbering system based on 9 or what is called the “Reduction of Numbers” in vedic math. In modern times, this is being called “vortex math” or “torus math.”


    Entering the Realm of the Otherworlds

Articles: Discovery

Read a detailed explanation of what called the “Bible Codes” based on Dr. Puleo’s revealing his version of the solfeggio frequencies.

Two different revelations were made on the Sacred Solfeggio via angelic appearances. This is the story of Archangel Michael Appearing to Joseph Crane. Another set of tones were given to Dr. Joseph Puleo also from Archangel Michael, in what first seemed like a contradiction.

Solfeggio Matrix

 What makes a scale a solfeggio?

1. All of the tones in sequential order must be 111 hz apart using Pythagorean skein.

2. Each scale must be 12 hz apart from its adjoining scale using Pythagorean skein.

3. Adding any two or more frequencies will always yield another solfeggio frequency.

4. The sum of the scale frequencies will always add up to 999 hz.(Pythagorean skein).

5. The horizontal sum of all frequencies across all scales always adds up to 999 hz.

What are the Cube of Metatron Gateway tones?

Within each solfeggio scale there is a subset of tones that the angels call the "Masculine" or the Metatron tones. These tones have multiple purposes, including healing, clearing, balancing, and connecting with the patterns of the DNA. Each "fractal tone" is in reality a mathematical step up to a whole new solfeggio scale in higher frequencies. This is comparable to moving into another dimension. The Solfeggio System is in actuality infinite. There is a system that allows it to grow infinitely large as well as infinitely small, just like the physics of subatomic particles and universes.

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