The Cirq™ is a combination of Archetypal Geometry (DNA tesseract) coupled with a crystalline substrate that holds the patterns of the Sacred Solfeggio, invented by GW Hardin. Many uses have been employed with its ability to block EMF radiation, to promote wellness, and to use as a diagnostic tool. A smaller version has been invented by Regina Madsen for pets. These inventions may be purchased at

The Xynchro

The Xynchro, also invented by GW Hardin, has two different geometries, the 4D and the 5D. Each is a merkaba capable of spinning at high speeds. And when done so with scalar solfeggio tones playing throughout its structure, it has the capability to return any organic system (such as the human body) back to its normal state of harmony, or what we call “wellness.”

The following statistical studies have been carried out to discover the Xynchro’s many possibilities:

   - Statistical Testing of Gyrotonic® Movement & the Xynchro 5D

   - Technical Paper — Testing of the Xynchro™ 4D

   -  Xynchro 4D Sessions Group Report

by Mark Comings

“For a long time, I’ve been aware of some fundamental mysteries around energy.  First of all, the basic question:  what is energy?   This is a big topic itself.  But in the context of livingsystems, the problem or the challenge is to really understand energy as it pertains to organisms; this is known asbio-energetics.  The question here involves not only the issue of the nature of energy but understanding preciselyhow living systems engage with energy; how they’re powered so to speak.  This is a central feature of the mysteryof life itself, and it is far from well understood.”

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